My First Day At Disney

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First Day at Disney I will never forget that day my family and I pulled into the hotel parking lot. It was the start of a wondrous and awesome vacation. We got out of our deep, ocean, blue van and bounced with joy up to the sliding doors of the hotel. The hotel on the outside looked like a disco ball and an orchestra blew up. It was so vibrant and bright, but the inside was much more subtle than the outside. I had sofas with music notes on them and was overall very alluring. It also had air conditioning and I loved that. I felt like a roasting chicken in the Orlando heat. So after standing in awe for one minute, we glided up to the receptionist and questioned if our room was ready. “Not quite yet, but it should be ready soon. We will text you when your room is ready.” the receptionist replied. “Okay, thanks.” my mom said in return. I had just realized that my siblings and I were starving. “Can we go and eat now mommy?” my little brother Patton urged my mom. “Yeah, can we?” my little sister Addison pleaded. “ “Sure,” my mom replied, “but think about what you want to eat on the way to the food court.” On our way to the food court, we passed a huge gift shop and my siblings whined “Can we go and look in the gift shop? Please?” “Maybe after we go and eat lunch, but not right now, okay?” my parents replied. “Okay,” my sister Ashlyn sighed with sorrow. When we arrived at the food court, I almost instantly started drooling over the smell of succulent food. Don’t

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