Narrative Essay About Giving Away

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It was one life-changing experience I was seven years old when I became grateful for the things that I had. I remember packing for this big trip my parents were planning for a year now. I precisely recall my mother telling me to go through my closet and pick clothes I did not use to give away, I didn't know why, but I didn't ask, I just did it. As the day got closer I remember my parents had accumulated a great amount of things to give away. I quite didn't understand why they were gathering so many things and for what reason. The day has come, finally my very first vacation. I got up with excitement and I remember looking out my window and seeing how the sunrise was spreading across the sky. I remember my mom calling my siblings …show more content…

As time went on I watched the sun fall behind the horizon, landscaping the sky different shades. My dad was exhausted of driving so we stopped at a hotel. Keep in mind we've been driving for 9 hours and we have yet to arrive to the destination. The next morning we woke up at 5am to get back on the road. I was nervous and excited to meet family I've never met before. 11 hours later i finally hear my parents say we have arrived. I looked around and I could see kids running towards the car, the smile on their faces were priceless they were so happy to see us. It was like we were famous or something. For a second I was getting a little overwhelmed. They looked different they weren't wearing what “regular” kids wear. They were wearing the complete opposite. Not to mention some of them didn't even have shoes. I didn't understand why. We got off the car and said hi to everyone then my parents gave out everything they had gathered and seeing the kid's faces light up when they would receive something just shocked me I didn't think they would react the way they did. They were so thankful and so happy with what they got. I didn't understand why they were happy to receive used clothes or used things in general. As I kept looking around, the houses looked different from how mine looked. As we went through a gate my father said “This is your grandpa's and grandma's house it's where we are going to be staying.” I couldn't believe how different the

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