My First Day In My Life

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“What happened, did i do this?”
I asked myself as my hand started to shake and my eyes began to water. I slowly sat down on the floor as I grabbed my mother's bloody hand. It felt as if my heart stopped and my brain froze. I knew at this point I needed help a lot of it, I had just nearly killed my own mother. Living with three different diseases was hard but not getting the help wasn't so to this day I ask myself why didn't I get help? three months earlier…
It was 7 AM I felt a tap on my shoulder . I’m slowly open my eyes it was blurry all I could see was my mom's beautiful smile I tossed and I turned and she just laughed because the hell I didn't want to get up that morning. It was my first day at a new school I looked over to the right and I can see my outfit on my desk chair, “ my mom can tell I was pissed so she looked over at me and asked, “what's wrong I thought you would be excited new school new start”! I explain to my mom that starting school wasn't the happiest time for me but I'll try my best to smile every now and then? I mean it is what it is isn't it. as my mom so he exited my room I began to get out to start getting ready, I put on the outfit . that I sit out the night before. I then walked over to the bathroom and started brushing my teeth and washing my face I put my hair in in this ugly ponytail but I honestly couldn't care less about the way I looked. I walked back into my room and stuff and put on my new shoes that my mom insisted that we would buy. as

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