My First Day In School

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Well, here it is,the day I've been dreading since Mrs. Mercer first brought it up. This day honestly came way too fast! When I first got my schedule and seen current health issues, I was like what in the world? So the first day of school came about and it was time for seventh period. When I realized it was Mrs. Mercer's class, I got extremely happy. I wasn't sure what to expect the first few days. As the days went on, all 13 of us started to get the hang of everything and bonded instantly. This is definitely a class that I'll always remember and I will truly miss! We've all had happy times,sad times,angry times,and a lot of fun times. I've honestly took in a lot from RY, especially snap and zap. Snap and Zap is where you snap out of bad thoughts and zap in good thoughts. I found if you do that then you wouldn't have as much anxiety build up. I feel like the RY class has helped a lot with my anxiety and anger. Mrs.Mercer and the 12 others in RY have been there for me since the first day. I want to thank all you guys. When class first started, I wasn't sure if I wanted to open up because at that time I only talked to like two people. I wasn't sure if I could trust everyone. Well about the second week I felt like I had a family A family that I can talk to, cry too, get advice from, never be judged by, a family that I can just simply enjoy. One that Id die to have at home. I knew if I couldn't trust anyone else, I had 13 other people that I knew for a fact that I could run to

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