My First Day Of College

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Luke 's POV -- "Please stop." I whispered, quietly urging Calum my dorm mate to stop snoring from his bed across the room. It was late, the stars were out, the room was dark and I should have been asleep, but I couldn 't seem to get to any shut eye with Calums ridiculously obnoxious snoring practically rattling the bed. Though, maybe it was also because my excitement for the coming day. My first day in college. More specifically Stanford University. The mere thought of taking a step in the direction of becoming a criminal therapist had my heart thumping, so having such little time until officially starting college was causing my mind to race uncontrollably. I definitely was not getting to sleep any time soon. Sighing, I sat up in bed, running a hand through my mussed hair and pulling the covers off of my body. The air was cold for a California night, bringing goosebumps to my skin as I crept towards the door. I was keeping quiet in fear of waking Calum because I really didn 't want to deal with a grumpy kiwi, but I wasn 't sure what could possibly wake him when he could sleep through his own pig-like sounds. Slipping on my shoes I walked into the hallway, quietly closing the door behind me. I let out a breath I didn 't know I had been holding and turned, looking down the long corridor. I began to wander down it, memorizing the names written on the white boards hanging on their doors. I smiled at a particular one, stopping in my tracks to admire it. The spindling

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