My First Friend

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I remember the first remember the first time I met him. It started when I got to my new school I made a few friends, but still didn’t know him. Then there was one day when I was in after care. My brother was there and he said he was playing tag with someone so I decided to play as well. Then I met him His name was also Andrew, and he was in the grade under me. When I first saw him he was so energetic it was insane he was so full of energy. He seemed like a very nice person, but then we started playing teen titans go. So he took it too far and punched everyone in the stomach while screaming booyah. So I thought that it wasn’t going to work out. The next day we played with him again, and he was also rough. Then we eventually became really close friends over the long school year. It was really fun, but then since the elementary school only went up to fourth grade I went to the next school. So I had to survive fifth grade without him. Then we started seeing each other all the time when he came to my school. Sometimes his teacher invited me over to his class, and once it was even a surprise since Andrew always loved seeing me. I always loved how he was kind, brave, funny, crazy, loving, and a friend. It was fun since we played mario kart. Of course he beat me since racing games aren’t my strong point. At the beginning of the day I always stopped by his class room it was nice he showed me his stuff like his stick bots or fidget spinners. Then whenever i went to his house or he

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