My First Relationship At The Age Of Fourteen Essay

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At the age of fifteen, I was in my first relationship that wasn’t healthy or respected at all. One day after work my ex-boyfriend left me over fifty messages, authorizing me to meet him at his house asserting we needed to talk. When I arrived at his house, he crammed his phone into my face asking me what the messages from my guy best friend designated and if I was cheating. After calling me a promiscuous female and a cheater I denied and that’s when he let his anger out on me and pushed me to his bedroom door holding me down with no one home to hear my boisterous screaming for help. I managed to run out of his room to the bathroom to call my sister for help, and in about half an hour she thumped on his house door to get me out. I managed to get out of the house, crying on my sister’s shoulders feeling like the world was against me. For several weeks I couldn 't eat, sleep, or even talk to my mom because of how fearful I was, until I looked for aid with my high school counselors who managed to talk to me and guide me through the healing process. Domestic abuse is a real, relevant topic where men are more likely to be the abusive ones towards women ,which can impact the family and can lead to the women staying silent to not alert children. In Francesca 's Documentary , she explains how she thought her husband was the man of her dreams and that he was superb, until they had their first child. Her husband started to become abusive towards her and rape became a regular thing

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