My First Time Writing A Love Letter

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This is my first time writing a love letter to someone, so please don’t make fun of me after you are done reading it. First thing I just want to tell you I love you very much, it almost seems like you are constantly in my thoughts, and I just want to spend time with you all the time. I remember one time while I was swimming I was supposed to count my pool lap, so I can remember how many laps I did. Instead of that I lose count because I was thinking about you. I think about our happy moments or how much I want to go home, so I can be with you. I have to swim so many extra laps because of that, which is a good thing I guess I get to train more and think about you more. I think we have a lots of good memories, even though we are separated by distances. I think it shouldn’t really matter how far we are apart of each other, as long as we love each other. I believe one day we will overcome this tiny obstacle, and really be together without distance being in our way. Remember that day where we spend the whole day together for the first time? I really didn’t expect that to happen, but I really enjoyed that day. You spend the whole day with me on my birthday without knowing it was my birthday, you are the first girl I spend the whole day with on my birthday. All those late night talks, I really enjoyed those too. I want to create more good memories with you in our future, so we can talk about it when we are old. Sometime you don’t really need a reason to like someone or love

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