My First Year Of College

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As a young adult just getting out of high school many people feel like they ultimately have two choices: they can enter the job market with minimal skills and hope that they can progress without secondary education; alternatively, they can follow a very typical path that most people see as a way to the American dream--they can go to college, get a degree, and pray the job market has a place for them. Nearing the end of high school, I was torn between joining the Army and going to college. What eventually ended this debate for me was my extremely supportive parents who gave me an ultimatum: they told me they would pay for my first year of college and if I still wanted to join the military after that, I could.
I started attending Austin Community College, in a degree plan focused on advertising. My first semester of college was a night and day difference compared to high school. College genuinely held my interest compared to high school, which has a strict curriculum it has to adhere to. Along with better grades my health habits also improved and I ended up losing close to sixty pounds. Unfortunately all this changed my second semester; I wound up catching pneumonia all while having a heavy course load. This didn’t stop me from finishing the semester but at the end of it, I was tired and stressed and looking for a change. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to pursue advertising anymore. I ended up talking to an Army recruiter and finding the change I was seeking. On October 11,

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