My First Year Of Running Track

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Seventh grade, a time of adolescence, an awkward period in which we start growing from a kid to a young adult, in which the mature person hasn’t kicked in yet. A period in time to try new things and it was my first year of running track. One reason I decided to join was because I had a passion for sports (mostly basketball), and my best friends convinced me join the team and if I didn’t I would probably be hanging out by myself after school. Three of my best friends consisted of Dekembae but we called him DK for short, Minkyu, and Jay. Dekembae was mixed kid who had a single braid on his head which would often be called a “turd”. Minkyu was Korean, and was often made fun of by the shape of his head which was square, and Jay who was also Korean was so short he would often get confused for a fourth grader. Then there was me an average height kid full of baby teeth, and full of jokes.
Dating back to a cloudy, and gloomy school day in middle school I started to feel very sick. It felt as if someone was doing jumping-jacks inside my stomach, and I had a headache the size of a grapefruit. After school I gear up to go to track practice thinking I would take it easy, however my track coach had a different plan in mind. He announces that we are going to be walking over to Crissy field to run from the beginning to the end of the trail, and back. Being the naive kid I am, I feel as if I could make it there and back, not knowing the run would be almost four and a half miles long ! The…

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