My Freshman Experience In High School

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Freshman year finally came around and I reeked of excitement. I planned to take advanced classes and participate in the Prosper High School marching band, along with my best friends. We were eager to meet new people, but terrified to be the new freshman on campus. For most of us, our schedules coincided; we believed our teachers had a lot coming. However, the strict high school teachers prohibited talking, so my classes were quiet besides the popular kids, who could do whatever they pleased. I never fit in with the popular kids, but I could not figure out why. Over the years of attending Prosper schools, I convinced myself I did not fit in with the popular kids because I lacked the looks and money, which killed all the confidence I had. I struggled going into high school with a low self esteem, I feared I would not be able to get through high school, but I did not know if I wanted to get through high school. Freshman year seemed to kick my butt; I could not keep up with my classes and band, so my grades started dropping and my clarinet skills did not meet the directors expectations. I began to feel like a failure, and nothing could erase the thought from my mind. As the year went on, I fell deep into a dark hole and could not find the energy to escape, I became lost and felt alone. I wore a mask to ease the concerns my friends and family might possess, but when I smiled I wanted to frown and when I laughed I wanted to cry. Nothing could be worse than not wanting to

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