My Experience At A Senior Year Of High School

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Senior year of high school is the most nervous and exciting time in anyone’s high school career. You are applying to college, stars of your sports team, and not doing any work. I knew where I was going to college when I was 13 years old, my parents met here in 1983 and by the time I was a senior my sister just started her freshman year here. So unlike most of my friends I wasn't sweating applications or acceptances because I was comfortable with my transcript and my application. As high school students started getting accepting to school, the group chats start. You wake up one day after you get accepted and your in eight different GroupMe’s with 20-30 kids you have never met before. In one of the groups, mixed with girls and guys, people were writing about meeting up in New York City at a bar so we can all meet face to face but we couldn't decide on a date or a place. At the time, I thought it would be a smart idea to have everyone over my house so it can be a little more relaxed and no one would have to worry about not getting into a bar and being left out. Everyone agreed and we set a date for 2 weeks later for everyone to come over, the GroupMe had 50 people. As I check the GroupMe each day the number of people kept getting bigger and bigger and when I woke up the day of the party it was up to 120 people. At this point it was to late to back out and I decided to have the party regardless of the amount of people. People start coming over sporadically, starting right after

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