My Friend Ellie At Her Work

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It was around 4 pm in the afternoon of March 6 when I decided to visit my dear friend Ellie at her work in the Café de Monde. Café de Monde, one of the most visited tourist spots here in New Orleans, Louisiana and I must say, the place is really crowded. In the middle of this chaos, I saw my friend Ellie. She has a black hair, round glasses and 5 '2 in height. Her attire is pretty simple actually. She’s wearing a black pants and shoes, her blouse is white with a cute little bow tie and lastly, a knee length bistro apron. At that very moment, I notice that she’s talking to her customer. She has a big smile on her that softens the heart of the people around her. She asked their order, then bid her goodbye to prepare the beignet for them. …show more content…

Because, if they don 't like the beignet why they didn 't tell it ahead of time and not when they consume almost half of it. I tried to negotiate with them. I told them about the rules that we, servers, should follow, yet they still want me to change all of it. So in the end, I just called my manager and let him handle the situation."
When I noticed that gesture of hers, I can’t helped but asked, “How about any bad experience that you bumped into that really pissed you off? Because I’m pretty sure you had one.” After she heard my question, she exhaled a big sigh and looked really frustrated. I can’t helped, but to think that maybe that certain customer of hers’ made her so mad for her to react that way.
“Bad experience? Well, there is this woman who literally ran after she ate without even paying me. A real life "eat and run" situation under my nose. Speaking of "eat and run" situation, I remember this customer who forgot her money. No, she didn 't run, but she sincerely apologized to me because her debit card wasn 't activated yet. The next thing she did was she went up directly to the cashier and talk to the manager and said her reasons. You see, it 's not always about money, it 's all about how they treat me as at least a person who are like them working so hard to earn for a living. I was treating them both nicely as I could, even though I was really tired in serving a lot of people throughout my shift. I am still thankful enough that so far, those were

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