My Friendship In High School

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During my junior year of high school, I met a few girls that were in the same program with me at school. On the first day of school, we did not talk to each other. We were very quiet and we were all very shy. But throughout the first couple of months, we became best friends. We were very close. We told each other everything, we always supported each other, and we never let each other down. We would always go shopping, or watch movies together.. We bought each other gifts for the holidays and birthdays. I thought there was nothing that would come between us. We spent every day with each other. Of course we had our arguments but we were always there for each other in the end. We were inseparable. I trusted them a lot. I told those girls everything that I have been through and everything that I wanted to accomplish in my life. If I was in a difficult situation or if I had a problem going on at home, I knew that I could talk to those girls and they would help me through it. I thought of them as my sisters and I thought that they felt the same way about me. I never thought they would do anything to ruin our friendship. At the beginning of the school year, I met a boy. He was very kind to me and helped me with a few things. I began to form a crush on him and he knew that, but he never said anything to me because he had a girlfriend. One night I received a message from this boy. It was a very personal message. I did not know what to do at the time. I did not know what to say or

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