My First Friend

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Okay, so here it goes! I met you and was completely astonished by you, you were my life in a second and I never even knew your name. I knew in that moment you were the only person I'd ever need and want. I would've took a bullet for you if I had to and that would have been fine by me. Our journey began at Jenny Wiley on the camping trip and I never expected it to even happen but it did! I waited a year for you and never minded that. We had an amazing connection going that made me feel special beyond measures. We were special in my eyes and not just because the connection but just everything we was together made sense. The very first time we broke up I can't lie and make excuses anymore. I met someone new and at the time I hated the long distance me and you had, being secret because of our age difference, and more. In that year we broke up I thought I had everything and my new someone was different than what we had and I don't say it to hurt you I say it to be truthful but I still to this day can't stop thinking of him. He was my first love and what he and I had was exciting and painful but more importantly it set my soul on fire. My year consisted of happiness but also abuse mentally and physically weather it was bruises (not intentionally) or choosing to punch a wall to express my pain and the darkest side was I stole Tony's drinks to get away from my thoughts and cut myself twice and promised never again would I do any of this and I never have since. I felt alone and

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