My Future Essay

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The future is uncertain, but I know one aspect of my future that is crystal clear; my future will always consist of learning. I believe the quest for knowledge never ends because there is always something beyond the eye's visible horizon to discover. Therefore, I plan on constantly inquiring and investigating about the unknown because my desire for knowledge will never be completely satisfied. Beyond high school, beyond college, I will still be listening to lectures, completing assignments, performing experiments, and searching for answers because my hunt for information does not stop once I complete my formal schooling; my education will continue.
This persistence of mine stems from my parents. My parents always insisted that my sisters and I focus and succeed in school because they never had the privilege of continuing their own education. Additionally, my father diligently worked during the day while we attended school and my mother painstakingly worked at night while we all slept. Seeing them work strenuously each and every day just so my sisters and I could get ahead inspired me to work harder in school. This, however, was easier said than done. In kindergarten, I feared to raise my hand and ask questions. I was afraid of saying something incorrectly because I primarily spoke Spanish; I had to thereafter learn English while I attended school. Therefore, I regularly kept to myself, silently puzzling over words that I did not understand. This caused me to be incredibly

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