My Graduation Essay

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Stepping upon a simple stage was the best thing I could have ever done. Overseeing the multitude that was there to witness my every word, every tremble, every emotion, and every heart beat, was then that I realized that the sentiment was real. It was essentially the end of time and I could not bear to hold back what I no intentions of doing. Cry. Tears of joy darted down my face as I walked across the stage and received my ultimate gift. With fancy inscription, my gift was entitled “Class of 2009”. I had just graduated. “Ok seniors, everyone settle down and take your seat with your name on it”. The principle conducted everyone as we prepared to get ready for our practice graduation walk. Amusement and volume suffocated the gym as …show more content…

I could sense the stares glaring upon me as I switched positions every second in my chair. Two hours wasted out of my life before the orator called my name. With a shamble walk, insensible arms, and a tilted head I deliberated myself across the front of the gym and out the door. One of my classmates ran out the door and past me with glee assuring me that she would see me on Monday, the day of our graduation. Saturday and Sunday went by fast. Vowing that God had cut off at least twelve hours off my weekend, Monday morning arrived. I had to be at the coliseum at nine a.m. I woke up at eight thirty on the dot. With no essential worries and not a care in the world what I looked like, I merely jumped out of bed and put my graduation dress, cap, and gown on. In six minutes flat I was ready to go. I made it out my room and past the mirror wall right before I was about to leave. Looking at myself I knew I looked unacceptable, but my mind could not lead me to care. Right before I could make it out the door my mom vented her words of refutation. “Where do you think you are going? You did not bother to brush your hair, wash your face nor take a shower.” Thinking quickly, I managed to use time as my excuse and scampered out the door to avoid any more questions. When I arrived at the coliseum, I was quite confused considering I did not listening to anything the principal had stated at practice graduation

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