My Future In Athletic Training

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My Future
In the future I will be going to school for Athletic Training or Registered Nurse. I would like to achieve one of these or both, if it is possible. I want to become these things because I want to help others when they are hurt. I will be attending the schools that offer the best programs for my careers. I would want to attend a community college first to finish my general studies then transfer my credits to a University. I want to be fully educated in my careers I choose.
An Athletic Trainor is someone who helps athletes reform back into their original self after an injury they have suffered. I want to become an Athletic Trainor because I want to be around athletes and help them when hurt. To become an athletic trainer you have to have a master’s degree or bachelor’s degree. Some knowledge you will need are medicine and dentistry, management, teaching and course design. To be in the career you have to be able to listen to others, notice problems, and have steady arms and hands. You also have to be able to put small things together and you also have to be able to multitask. Some skills you will need are keeping track of
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I want to become a RN because I want to be able to help others and when visiting a hospital I was able to talk to registered nurse and she was my inspiration to becoming a RN. A Registered Nurse is a nurse who maintains medical records, implements nursing care plans and cares for disabled patients. To become a Registered Nurse you first have to have an Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree. You will need knowledge in Health, Business, Math and Science, and Arts and Humanities. Some skills you will need are listening, not interrupting, asking questions, and understanding people’s reactions. Your personality will need to include cooperation, integrity, helping people and teaching others. These are just a few thing you will need to accomplish becoming a Registered
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