My Future Plan For School And Become A Cpa

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The last few months of high school tend to be the hardest time for most students. The questions posed to students tend to be “What is one’s future?”, or “How does her or she plan on achieving that goal?”. But who truly knows those answers at the mere age of seventeen to eighteen? A portion of students may say a job he or she wants to achieve in life, while others may say a university he or she wants to attend the following fall. However, a few students will say they have no idea what their plans are but they are figuring it out as he or she goes along in life. On the other hand, a rare few know exactly what he or she wants to do in the future, I being one of those. My future plan is to go to school and become a CPA, which means a certified public accountant, work in the field, then start my own business to help people who find themselves in a financial crisis. Therefore, becoming a CPA allows me the best opportunity to open my own business, and help the financially unstable of the world. Before becoming a CPA a few steps must be taken; one must go to an accredited college, complete the requirements to take the CPA exam, and provide the documents necessary. Foremost, an accredited college simply means a college or university that is officially recognized and authorized; Aurora University, for example, holds the title of an accredited college. To take this step deeper, typically one wants the college to also offer a CPA program or courses necessary for the exam. A CPA exam
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