My Goal In My Life

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I would have to say that my life task will be to be a problem solver. In the video “Tom Kelley(Founder-Ideo) - Do What You Love” the Venn diagram utilized by Jim Collins shows that with a good balance you can find your life task. Fourteen years ago, I used to work for Hewlett Packard and like the Venn diagram I was good at it, I was born to do and I got paid to do what I loved, code and solve problems. The environment was good to work, every Friday after work we used to gather outside the building to play dominoes. I would say if you asked myself where I saw me in five or ten years I would have answered that I would be working at Hewlett Packard. But that was not how it happened my division was the first one to go after the Compaq merger. This is probably my starting point for my mastery journey.

I moved the family to Orlando, FL and started my own business. I used to put a lot of ours in to it and it was consuming a lot of time and it was not healthy for the kids or my marriage. It is not until that life took a good turn and I got the opportunity to work for Florida Virtual School. It is quite a turnaround since my Mother and Sisters are all educators and I didn’t want to follow their footsteps that is why I studied Computer Science. Since I like to solve problems and find better ways to do the work after two years working for FLVS I started to play around with BI tools that is when I had the great Idea to pursue a degree in the subject matter. One of the negative aspects

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