My Goals For My Career Goals

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“A goal defines a plan of action, acts as a continuous progress report on how well you are doing as you move toward chosen goals, it identifies exactly what achievement or success is for each person, and it tells you when its time to reset goals” according to Dennis Congos. Goals play an important role, when you’re in college. I have many goals but my top three goals for my educational career at Colorado Christian University are, getting an average of a 3.9 GPA in every class, staying in school and not giving up, and lastly graduating with honors on time. I have many other goals but these three are the most important to keep me on track and to help with my future career goals. I have sought out plans to achieve all these goals by the time I graduate. My goal of getting a 3.9 GPA in all my classes sprouted when I saw that I could make the Summa Cum Lade Undergraduate honors. In order to graduate Colorado Christian University with Summa Cum Lade, I have to graduate with a GPA between 3.90-4.00 according to the CCU CAGS student hand book. It is important to me that I graduate with honors, so I can prove not only to myself but peers and future employers that I tried my absolute hardest in school. I would also like to show my daughter when she is older that she can achieve anything she sets her mind to, no matter how hard it is. In order to achieve this goal, I am going to make sure I study every subject multiple times. For example, if there is a reading assignment I will study

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