My Goals For A Social Worker

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I did not always want to be a Social Worker. I wanted to be a psychologist when I graduated high school. My dreams for my career got put on hold because I became a single mother at a young age. Raising my child on my own was the hardest and most important thing to me. It was not until the Department of Children and Families (DCF) came and removed my niece from my sister’s home, when I realized what Social Work was. At that moment, I knew I wanted to help children the same way the social workers do.
My educational career started when I was laid off from my job 5 years ago. Part of the severance package that I received made it possible for me to collect unemployment until I finished my degree. I earned my A.S. degree in Human Services, and am currently working on obtaining my B.S. in Social Work, all while being a stay at home mom to a teenager. I have made the Dean’s List for the past few semesters and would like the opportunity to help others with all the services that are available for the clients that are in need.
Social Work, as a profession, is a great fit for me. My interest in social work originates from having the desire to be able to help children that are abused and neglected to find better homes and safe environments. Helping foster children find loving families, so they can be loved and happy too. I enjoy helping and making a difference in the lives of others. I have been so close to being homeless it scared me so much. Helping the homeless, homeless veterans,

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