My Goals In Education

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My teacher babbles on about the multiplication table while I look around the room. She has us seated in order by last name and out paper boxes ordered by number. If I was a teacher I would organize the classroom differently. If I was a teacher; a phrase I constantly thought throughout my school careers. I have always found myself thinking about teaching, and the birth of my nephew made me realize how much I love kids. Watching children's face light up when they understand a concept makes me feel like I made a difference. In order to become a teacher, I must earn a bachelor's degree in early childhood/ elementary education. To reach this goal I must write, read, and argue. This essay will consider my goals, and how they apply to my life. To do this I must detail my background, my strengths, and outline the progress I wish to make. This essay argues that I plan to improve in this class.
Before arguing this, it would be valuable to provide dome background about myself. My goal is to impact children and give them an appreciation for learning. Teachers were always so influential and understanding throughout school. They helped me through good and bad times. I want to help children the way my teachers helped me. To achieve this goal, I am attending Marian University in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin My major allows ne to achieve my goal and make it possible for me to help children. This class will help me improve my writing and arguing skills. By improving my writing and arguing skills

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