What Are Your Educational Goals

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YCAS Scholar What are your educational goals and objectives? As an aspiring doctor and aspiring direct M.D. student, my desire is to learn more about the STEM subjects such as science, medicine, and mathematics. I wanted to be a doctor, to help people heal, help people reach their fullest potential in their health and to save people’s lives. My interests vary from psychology to mathematics to sciences to anatomy and much more. My goal for next year as a junior is to take the course, AP Biology. In senior year, if possible, I would like to take the course Honors Biotechnology Project. This project includes extracting DNA from an organism, then amplifying and sequencing the gene. Also, I hope to take challenging advanced courses such as AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, and Honors Anatomy and Phycology. With these big dreams and goals that I hope I can accomplish, I know I will need to work…show more content…
Before we were one cell, but that one cell was able to grow into a whole human body. This is how our life is, we start small but we grow into the person we are today. That is how I found my true passion, being a doctor, falling in love with math and science. Starting young, I was not the best English speaker at my school growing up as a first-generation. It was hard for my parents to adjust to a new life and hard for me to relate from home to school. My parents taught me different aspects and subjects of life, but the only subject I could bring from home to school was math. My father was dedicated to teaching all the mathematics tricks he learned and helped me to excel. At first, it was magic that he was able to solve all these math problems, but then I too tried and was able to do it. I was able to show my peers and they would be amazed. The amazing thing about mathematics is that it is the common language, no matter what country you are from, it will always stay the
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