My Grandfather

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“Strength can Come in a Variety of Ways” My grandfather, Nunzio Mugavero, is the definition of strength. Unfortunately, my grandfather had a major stroke in 2012 and his short-term memory is completely wiped. Now my grandfather spends most of his days sitting in a retirement living complex listening to Frank Sinatra and asking my grandmother where the bathroom is in his apartment. This past Sunday my family and I celebrated his ninetieth birthday. At this party people told a variety of stories about my grandfather both funny and heartfelt. My biggest takeaway from this birthday was my realization of just how strong of a person my grandfather was and still is both literally and mentally. My grandfather truly is the strongest man I have known and his experiences have taught me that when life gets hard I must stay strong and persevere. Too start off, Nunzio Mugavero was born on October 23rd, 1927 in Chicago, Illinois. His time of birth was exactly two years prior to the Great Depression. His parents had little money, were immigrants and had eleven children. Nunzio was the oldest of the eleven and was forced to help around the house always being given the hardest chores. The hardest chore being when he had to help deliver his youngest brother, Peter. My grandfather had no medical experience whatsoever, but when his mother went into labor and his dad was not around to help out my grandfather was brave enough to try and help out his mother in whatever way possible. His parents

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