My Uncle Donald

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Without my uncle Donald, I would not be where I am today, I owe him everything, and all I must give him is love, but there isn't enough love in the world to show him how much he is loved by me. I will try to tell you about him as best I can, through my tears. My first memory of my Uncle Donald was at about the age of seven or eight. I spent most of my early years with my grandparents and Donald was there, and I am sure there was a lot of interaction between us, because I have always loved him, and as far back as I can remember, he was always the go to person in the home. Major decisions impacting our lives, Donald was there and reviewing, giving an opinion of how this would change or improve our lives and explaining what we should do next. Donald was the youngest of my uncles, so it was odd that family members would come to him for advice, but knowing his principles and quiet deliberation he gave to an issue, and the high esteem of his opinion it is understandable, he was the go to person. He was firm and made sound decisions, and no one, I repeat, no one crossed him. Donald was always very, very, very smart, and he never rushed to any decisions. If someone asked him something, he would have them wait until he thought it out, sometimes you had to wait for days, and they usually did, he refused to be rushed. He loved his parents, his siblings, but I think most of all, he has always loved the girls in the family in a special way. I will never forget
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