My Grandma

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It was a less than normal late fall day. My parents had gone to see my grandma, since she had not been feeling well for awhile now. She had no intentions of getting any better. My grandma was not your average old lady. A lot of things she did stood out to me as not “normal”. But ever since my mom and step mom met she had been like that, so it seemed “normal” to me. My parents had met awhile ago, just after my biological father and my mom broke up. I liked my step dads family better anyway. I consider my step dad to be my “dad” more than my father. Not only my parents were going to visit my grandma. All of my step dad’s family was, she liked the company. But she also liked her alone time, so she could knit. She made many blankets for many people. I have two that she has made me. But she hadn't been making them since the cancer hit her. It started in her leg, and it spread from there. She was refusing to take her medications. The cancer didn’t stop her from living life. My parents came home that night later than usual. Their faces didn’t seem very pleasing. They came with some bad news to give. My grandma had passed that evening. Before she died, she communicated through writing on a white board. She was too weak to speak. She was the first person close to me to pass away. I did not take it that well, neither did my parents. Part of me didn’t want to go to the funeral. Just because i didn’t want to have to see her. But the other part of me knew I should go to the
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