My Grandpa In My Life

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I was born at Licking Memorial Hospital in Ohio on December 24 of 2002, the daughter of Aaron Davis and Natalie Pintz. Everyone was so excited! My Aunt Jennifer had passed away recently and I was like a saving grace for my family. I think my grandma was the one who needed me the most in that time and she still calls me her little angel to this day. The funny thing is that she was the one who cut my ambellical cord instead of my dad. She got so excited she hurriedly asked my dad if he wanted to cut my ambellical cord, but she didn’t wait for his answer before she said, “No? Okay!” and proceeded to cut the cord. When I grew up a little bit my mom and dad had split and my mom and I were living with ym grandma and grandpa so she could still go to work. I would be outside with my grandma all day and when we went back inside I could always con my grandpa into giving me a piece of candy, he’s a sucker for puppy dog eyes. Even though the rest of my day was more than satisfactory, I always looked forward to the time that my mom would come home. She would ask me how my day was and I was always happy to answer that and any other questions that she had. My life sounds pretty good right? I would agree, but when I was about five things started to change. My dad used to pick me up all the time and we were really close! I would always make make him pretend to be a horse and ride me around, later we would have strawberries dipped in sugar, then I would go home the next day with so many

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