My Great Grandfathers

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I had never given much thought to my family and its place in history before. Sure, I had heard small anecdotes about relatives in the past, but I was too young to fully understand and appreciate their importance. Now, after having the opportunity to further educate myself, I am able to understand my rich family history in the context of the twentieth century. Additionally, learning about the events that my relatives witnessed and faced allows me to appreciate the constructs I was born into at the turn of the twentieth century, and the sense of stability I have experienced throughout my life. I now know that not long ago my ancestors left Russia to come to the United States for more opportunities, and that my great grandfather helped support his family through the Great Depression and bravely fought in World War Two. Also, I learned more about my grandparents and their first hand accounts and the roles they played during twentieth century events like the Cold War and Vietnam War. The separate roles and stories come together to tell a grand narrative that explains how and why my family reached its place in history today. My great-great-grandfather, Nathaniel Levin, was born in Odessa, Ukraine in 1880. However, at the time, it was a part of Russia. According to my grandfather, Nathaniel came from a family of cantors. Like the rest of his family, he intended to become a cantor too, so he began his religious studies as a teenager and continued with the arduous process for a
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