My Greatest Failure Research Paper

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Have you ever been scared to try? Have you ever just wanted to quit after failing, the first attempt or after multiple? How hard are you willing to work? I was told if I want something I was told I got to go and get it. Many people have told me I got to work even when people are sleeping. I have a family friend who's son is in the NFL and they both told me how hard you have to work to get there. I'm working for that right now.

I'd say my greatest failure happened to me this year. I was originally starting in varsity at safety but lost my spot to a sophomore. I still supported him but I was very mad with the coach. In practice I had a really bad attitude towards my coach and it just made it worse. My coach told me he still believes in me
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When I was younger my mentality was great. I didn't fear anyone that was bigger than me or judge by how they looked (like if they had nice gear then they must be pretty good). My dad was probably what motivated me and how great of a team I had back then, we lost 4 games in the 4 seasons I played before I moved from Knoxville, Tennessee. Before every game my dad gave me solid pep talks and I don't know if that affects me because he passed away and I haven't had that motive as strong as it used to be and that what I think I need the most is a strong mentality. It's funny though because I still have film of my games from pee wee and when I watch them now it brings back memories and brings some motivation, definitely nostalgia. I still talk with my old teammates and they actually just won the Tennessee State Championship in football. I'm proud of them and I need those kind of teammates. If I had teammates that cared about winning and losing and held their heads up high instead of quitting when we were down I think that would motivate me too almost like peer pressure to be the best I can be. That's why I think our team and I failed is because we didn't care enough. We had the talent we just didn't have the mentality. When I moved out here I got a real taste of football. The atmosphere is terrific. The games is what I live for and the feeling of running through the helmet with the band playing and the crowd cheering gives me chills because it's great and I love that it's apart of a game that I love to play. As a person who's passionate about football I want to play at the next level. I still just want to prove everyone wrong that says I'm not going to be good. I want to show kids that I'm more than a joke and I'm willing to do whatever it takes. I know that I have the ability to ball, and I pray to God it's good enough for a college scout to see. That is probably my best motive right
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