My Greatest Generation

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“You are going to be the first person in this family to receive a college education.” The moment I received knowledge that I would be a first in my family- that I would begin a new path for those who come after me in the Andrades, my perspective on everything changed. I felt honored; so honored that my pride took over and I became overfilled with emotions that led me to a joyful sob. I have been in school for nearly thirteen years, pouring my heart and soul into my education simply for myself; for my future. In that moment, I knew it had all payed off. A conversation originally about how nervous I was to be beginning my senior year turned to a conversation about me being a first generation. I realized I was benefiting myself from the start for a bigger purpose than I thought. I had known prior to this conversation with my uncle that neither my mother nor my absent father had college educations, just high school diplomas. I never thought about the rest of my family; including my aunts, uncles, and cousins. However, when my Uncle Nelson shared this simple piece of unanticipated news with me, I realized that I am going to be the greatest generation of this family. I will leave a mark on our name. All of my family here in Rhode Island immigrated from Portugal for a better life and more opportunities. When my mother and her cousins arrived in America, they were immediately enrolled in public school. However, their language was a barrier for them- they barely spoke English.

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