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My hero Why would you get something like that? Never mind it is pretty cool. Even though its like 100 feet tall!!! I thought you guys were just going to the store and you came back with a mosterice truck! Is that what took you 5 hours? You are the best step dad ever! This is my step dad troy but his real name is adam but he doesn't like that name. That is why we call him troy. He is always getting stuff for him hos self or one of us. When he buys the stuff he doesn't tell so it is always a surprise. The first time he came back from utah he arrived here at like 3:30 in the morning. After a while we all went to bed when we woke up in the morning he asked us if we wanted a ride in his new mustang? Of course i had to say it looked like a fun car to ride in. so as we were driving he pulled his phone out and turned his gps on got directions to walmart. He had to get directions because this was his first time being here in MI. On the way there i asked him why we …show more content…

None of us new what we were doing there so we followed him inside when we got in there there was a sign that said hunters safety lessons available. I asked him what we were doing there and he said that we were going to take hunters safety. Me and all of my brothers were so excited when he said that. So when we started to rake it we all thought it would be fun. But we were wrong it felt like it took for ever it was a lot more boring then i expected but we still payed attention.when we were done we started to head home and when we got home he said go sit at the table. So we did and he came back with a really tall case and I asked him what was in it? He said ¨they are my hunting guns and i am going to show u them before we go hunting.¨ When we were done it was pretty fun learning about them and being able to hold them. The shotgun was huge though and

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