The Tragic Abduction In The US

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The Tragic Abduction It was Saturday about three or four, My brother Jack and I were playing with our toy cars, jack always had the exotic cars, I had the old cars, when suddenly we hear a knock on the door then the door opens a man with dark black boots walks up the stairs, Hey jack “did you hear ” Kip asked? “Yes there’s someone coming up the stairs” Jack Replies “Let's find somewhere to hide just stay calm and quiet” Jack states “Suddenly we hear a voice saying come out wherever you are” the voice said “I’m scared Jack” Kip cries “Stop being a big wuss” Jack Replies Suddenly we hear footsteps in our room, we glance to see who this person was he then noticed us under the bed he grabs me and my brother and ties a bag on our face and takes us to his car …show more content…

“Well of course the ground is frozen not to mention were stuck in a cave,” Jack replied sarcastically. “Instead of worrying about the cold worry about finding a way out of this cave before we become human ice cubes,” Jack stated. “Well, maybe we could try to find somewhere we can grip onto with our hands.” Kip Tried to grip onto a frozen ledge, when suddenly ice and snow start tumbling down where jack was

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