My Heroic Journey

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On Saturday, March 19th, 2016 I faced a terribly hard challenge. It was a warm and sunny spring day when the tragedy occurred. My family and I traveled across five states and drove in a car for fourteen hours straight to arrive in Destin, Florida. When we arrived we settled into our condo and then headed into town to sightsee. We hadn’t known that we were just a quarter mile away from the ocean prior to our stay. The first time I laid eyes on the ocean I felt as though I was in paradise. The waves were very subtle and calming. I thought that the sound of the wind and the waves washing onto shore was an open invitation for me to join in on the fun! little did I know at the time the waves did not like me. My dad watched as my nine year old sister and I swam near the shore. We were having the time of our lives out there on the boogie board! We just couldn't wait for the next wave as we counted down “3,2,1...embrace the wave!” This wouldn't be the last time we were counting down. As we continued to swim out in the ocean my sister wanted to go up and swim by the…show more content…
I can remember the overwhelming feeling that I got from turning around to look at the waves. I felt a rush flow over my body. little did I know at the time that it was gonna take a miracle to get me out of these rapid waves without a life jacket or any type of floating device. It was just me myself and I in the ocean. Until I heard a yell in the distance. It was my sister. She said “Quel, Dad said not to go that far. Come back up!” Little did she know I was merely drowning at the time she spoke those words. As soon as she realized that I was drowning she came to me with her boogie board even though she was also warned to not go out too far. At the time she didn't care about getting in trouble. She was focused on saving her sister. We made it through it after lots of prayers, tears, and embracing into the water as we counted down “3,2,1...hold your
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