My Hero's Short Story: My Journey To The Underground

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Fire reigned upon us like a thunderous storm. With every blow from the colossus wiped out a fraction of the Russian army. The sirens of surrender went off and what was left of the Russian army fled. It was not enough for the colossus, she flew into the sky and blew hot winds that could scorch the earth’s core upon our backs. It was survival of the fittest. When I came to conscience I was in an old shack, unable to move. The colossus had temporarily paralyzed me from the waist down. I looked above me and noticed writing carved into the roof. “He who slays her, is the one.” 10 years later… Rumors had spread around Russia like wildfire. “Awrah the Great had slain the mighty colossus with only a dagger.” I was not going to believe this until I seen it with my own eyes. “Henry,” I called out to him. “Send fourth a message of my arrival to the underground.” “Yes my lord,” he responded. Morning awoke and I set out my journey to the underground. As I came nearer to the underground, I could hear faint cheers coming from the streets of Russia. I continued forward. When I came upon the underground I noticed it was completely empty. Did the colossus capture the underground too? Coming…show more content…
I had to witness this myself, I could not believe this. “Can you take me there,” I asked. The dwarf led me through a thick forest and into a shallow stream that led us into the city. The faint noise that came from Russia a few hours ago turned into a roar of excitement. Everyone was dancing about in their finest clothes, drinking out of their sturdiest cups, and they all seemed so happy. There laid the colossus in a pool of blood, with tiny slits in his throat. “So it’s true,” I thought. “It’s really true.” I must hear the story of how a little, peasant boy defeated something so big, so great in power with only a dagger. This was unbelievable. At the very moment rumors turned into reality. “I must meet him, bring me to him,” I told the
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