My Hometown Staunton

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I decided to do research on my hometown, Staunton. So, I was curious about different subjects on Staunton. I finally decided on How was Staunton founded. here is my answer. Staunton is an independent city. Not much is known about life in Staunton during the revolutionary war,but thanks to a single paragraph in a letter written by an unidentified british prisoner of war,a little light can be shed on one particular aspect of it. Because of Staunton’s remoteness,the town is a perfect place to incarcerate prisoners of war. These british soldiers and their auxiliary units - consisting mostly of men of german nationality - were frequently put to work building the substantial …show more content…

On the curtain is painted a harlequin (a theatrical figure in tights) who points with his wooden sword to the words: ‘Who would have expected this here’’’ The German soldier went on to note that seats in the parquet (the main floor of a theater beneath the galleries) cost four dollars and seats in the partree (the stalls,or the orchestra seats) cost two dollars in paper money. “The officers lend the actors the necessary articles of clothing; drummers are transformed into queens and beauties. Very good pieces are performed, which, because of their satirical additions, do not always please the americans, wherefore they are forbidden by their superiors to attend these comedies.” His letter says nothing more about Staunton or the comedies produced there by prisoners of war, leaving us mad for more detail. Where was the comedy house located? What kinds of plays were produced? Where did the prisoners get the admission fees and to what use of the money put once it was collected by th the theater? The answers to these questions sadly were never found. I thought this would be an interesting topic about Staunton. It was very interesting to find out how my hometown was

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