My Interest Exploded After Studying Developmental Psychology

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Personal Statement
When I was little, having an identical twin was so exciting. We wanted to wear the same clothes, watch the same movies and just be identical. As we got older, it seemed less appealing to be exactly like someone else. By the time we were teenagers, I fought to build and maintain a separate identity. Pausing to reflect on my life, I see that it was those small, seemingly insignificant moments that sparked my interest in human development and behavior.
One of the first classes I took during my freshman year of college was Anatomy and Physiology. This class introduced me to the different brain structures and functions. It was so fascinating that I started looking for every Psychology course available. My interest exploded after studying Developmental Psychology. I remember watching Albert Banduras “Bobo Doll experiments” and thinking about the impact of social learning on children.
I decided to intern in the counseling department at Sandra Day O’Connor High School. I worked with the lead counselor and observed her sessions with students. It was emotional to hear them open up about their lives. Many revealed root issues at home that extended into the classroom and social settings. This often led to lower grades and more visits to the counselor’s office. I realized that I could make a larger impact if I was able to work with the entire family.
I continued with my education and maintained high academic standards, attaining a 4.0 the last three semesters of

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