My Interest On Public Health

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My interest in public health was piqued in the midst of my adolescence. The idea germinated with fearsome speed; after a series of fainting spells, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and entered surgery one week later. As I lay bandaged and recuperating, I began to ponder my great fortune: I was alive, thanks to the skilled hands of the Chief of Neurosurgery at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Even as a young teenager, I could appreciate the scale of my privilege, and that many others would suffer tumors worse than mine thanks to carcinogenic environmental factors and a lack of access to quality healthcare. In a most unlikely way, my residence in this particular hospital setting was the catalyst for falling in love with this environment.
Upon matriculating at Richard Stockton University, I began my studies in the natural sciences with the aim of bettering the world through the combination of my experience as a patient and a growing understanding of environmental health. Through my undergraduate coursework in public health, epidemiology, and policy, I grew increasingly convinced I would thrive as a public health professional. This prompted me to spearhead fundraising efforts, concentrating on annual JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) Walks and the Starkey Hearing Foundation.
While I am fully confident in my ability to excel in graduate-level coursework, I am aware that my undergraduate GPA falls short of my potential. I hope that the committee reviewing

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