How Does Flexmed Will Change Your Educational Plan And Enhance Your Future Career

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Describe how FlexMed will change your educational plan and enhance your future career in medicine. Please concentrate on how you will use the flexibility afforded by FlexMed, and not on the FlexMed requirements.

“What stage is the cancer in?” I asked, supposing I should give the doctor a good first impression with professionality. It was my first day interning at Lopburi Cancer Hospital in Thailand. In my memory, being diagnosed with cancer itself meant death and being able to live longer was all that matters in cancer treatment. However, the doctor refused to answer my question with a simple number, continuing to describe the varies treatments he had used. “I usually check curative (instead of palliative) when I am unsure, so that the patients would feel better.” He added before we went on to the next patient.
In the two months, rather than merely learning about medical knowledges as I expected, I gained a fresh understanding of healthcare and the importance of health policies.
After a week working in the hospital, I went on home visits with nurses, doctors, nutritionists, psychologists and a monk. The first patient lives in a shabby wooden house. A great contrast could be seen between the room that the patient lives in and the rest of the house. “The patient is diagnosed with prostate cancer with bone metastasis. The room is specially built for him by the hospital and his family. He won’t live long.” A nurse told me. On another visit, I met a man with esophagus cancer.

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