My Job At Solvang Counrty Clinic

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Seeing the sun set from the porch at my home.Seeing all the beautiful colors that the sun creates when it sets for the day.The sun set that day seemed to take longer than noraml . Feeling my heart beat, every pump feeling as if it were a blessing. Every deep breath I took felt as if it was my fist. This was my third week on my new job. I was offered a job at Solvang Counrty Clinic. It was an amaziign job I felt as if I was on top. I would show up to work with a big smile. To me this was an incradinble oppotnity. My job was to be a male secretary for Dr.Brckmen.He ws an amzing boss to work for. He would always treat me nice. Dr.Beckmn was just like an ordinary person. Seeing him you would not even consider being a doctor was his profession. He would always show up as if he has a long night. Any one could tell it was him from far away by his almost 5 inches long beard he grew, and a growing bold spot on top of his head he tired to hide . An everyday routin for me was to show up and open the office for business. Anwersing phone calls was the majority of my job. Apart from answering phonecalles I would always relay important messages to Dr.BEckem. It doesn’t sound though but its is very though. Being Dr. beckmen s assistant came with very much reasponsibtiyt . I had to deduce from every phone call I had with every patient how important it was.I was left in charged of difficult dissicins that had to be made quickly and smart. Being a doctors assistant made me feel amzing

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