My Journey Into The World

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As we begin our journey into the world, even as high school students, it is not uncommon to hear those cliché sayings from our older adults. The stories of how our elders worked so hard to provide for their families, they wished they got an education to help making the ends meet a bit easier. Even when we are young and new to the world, we get asked the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Even as little ones we already know that having a job, working and providing for ourselves and our family is how we are supposed to live. Finish school; go to college, get a degree and venture out into the working world, is in almost every American’s plan. It is almost as if as children we do not get to use our imagination of what we really we want to be in our adult life. Most of us grow up thinking our only duty in life is to work to make money.
Even as high school students responsibilities start to enter our lives. Although these are paltry responsibilities for most, such as; finishing homework, doing well on exams/tests/quizzes, part-time jobs, and so on, it can start to be immensely overwhelming; especially when the word “college” starts to pop up more and more closer to graduation. Students are hammered down with finding colleges, and finding a major to study in, when in reality, society expects these seventeen or eighteen year olds to make these decisions that determine the rest of their lives. It boggles my mind how society expects us young adults to make these

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