College Is Not For College

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Everybody knows that after high school you attend college, right? College is expected from society that has been placed for decades; it’s what you do is what society expects with these expectations comes pressure. Pressure from peers, choosing the right college, group mind, and deciding whether or not if you would like to attend college. College is not for everyone, so when a student is pressured to attend college, they often drop out before the first semester ends. The pressure doesn’t end with the initial decision, it continues with course selection or declaring you’re major. So they attend college to find themselves, and to see what they’re interested in. In the 21st century, the pressure to attend college causes students to fall under the pressure and attend college even when it not the best fit for the student.
In the 21st century the public is manipulated into believing that, in order to succeed in a career you need to enroll in college. Students that attend college have to pay for tuition, classes, and books every year, which can add up rapidly. Once you receive your diploma, you’re already in debt. Another option besides going to college, would be to head straight to the work force. Once you go work, you have income coming in. Eleni Karageorge explains that “Majors providing technical training earned the highest return” (1). There are certain majors where you will earn more than you spent. “Engineering majors earned the highest return” (Karageorge 1). Society
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