My Last Day In Life

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It was the last day of school with less an hour left on the clock. I had my eyes glued to the clock counting down the seconds, each minute felt like an hour, and right now I wish that was true.
Right when the bell rang everyone rushed out of class, to their locker, onto the bus, and headed home to start their summer. I was going on a trip to Florida with my family and a few friends. We had planned to leave first thing when we got home, I was so excited as it was my first time going on a plane. When I arrived home, my family was already waiting for me in the car. I dropped of my school stuff, grabbed my bags, and headed into the car. My younger brother and I talked about all the fun things we would get to do this summer: go to Disney, swim at the beach, the list goes on. We talked so much we didn't even realize we had already arrived at the airport. After we went through the many long and boring lines, we were finally ready to board the plane. By the time we got on it was already 20 past 10. I got to my seat and saw my friends Brian and John were on the same plane with me. I talked with for a minute until the pilot said we are about to take off. I got to my seat and decided to to take a short rest since I was awake since 5:30 this morning. All I wish is that I got to tell my parents how much I loved them.
It was just me. my brother, and my 2 friends. That was it. Everyone else was gone, not dead, just gone, no bodies, no blood. There was barely anything left behind. We

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