My Last Day On Earth '

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Quote: “Accept what you are able to do and what you are not able to do.”(18)
Deeper Meaning:This quote make me realize that different people have different qualities and technique. Everybody is unique in their own way we are not good at everything. We should accept the fact that we are just human and not perfect. If we cannot accept this fact, we would not be happy.People compare themselves with others and want to be the best. However, it is just putting so much pressure on yourself . They are unhappy because they are not satisfied. Everyone is unique, we are different from others and we are just a human. We may not know everything. If we know and able to do everything , we would be god. There are so many examples showing that we are not
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You should pay attention to everything around you. Pay attention to everyone you know and love. Anything can change in one moment you wonder sometimes if it could be your last day.Never stop doing what you believe in..
Connection:When picking this quote it made me think long and hard if people would see if i am missing.the thing is you can't be scared of death because it will eventually take everyone.i think you will never be ready for your own death but you need to accept also need to tell the people you love and care for you are thankful for them because if it were your last day you would feel guilty if you were just sad the whole time lying need to make the best out of your last
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once we learn and accept that we are one day going to die, we learn to live our lives fully and without any regrets.
Connection:Accepting death leads to a meaningful life. i cannot spend my life worrying about how i will die. Everyone dies eventually; people should live everyday like it’s their last to have a valuable and happy life. I don’t want to spend my life worrying about how I will die, I understand that I will so I can live a more meaningful life.if you stay and think on and on about your life will not be productive if you accept what will happen your life will be easier to live.

Quote: “forgive yourself before you die.then forgive others.”
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