My Layout Of The Classroom

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My layout of my future class will contain open feel. Meaning the layout of the classroom will not show an ordinary classroom that’s in a traditional school environment. Instead of having rows of desks that the student commonly have, I will have four half kidney shape desk that will make each students more inclusive with other student. One of the main reason why students tend to feel left out from their peers deals with the fact that from beginning of the schools day to the end, students are placed one behind the other and are skipping the communicating aspects with their fellow classmates. Di Mascio states in his article titled Material Culture and Schooling: Possible New Explorations in the History of Canadian Educationschool desks are not simply pieces of furniture. They are, in a word, the locus of learning in the classroom. They are also the locus of order and control” (DI Mascio, 84). His explanation of how significant desk are and how they are perceived can ultimately control the actions of a class. Di Mascio continues to inform the reader about the importance of the spacing of desk. Assigning numerous students to a small table “maintained order by making it difficult for students to move around, lest they disturb the work of others”, and “provided optimum room for the teacher to move around the classroom and monitor student work” (Di Mascio, 85). The kidney shape desk will give the students enough room/ privacy to complete their work, promotes a setting where
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