My Leadership Practice

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I am always in control of my goals, by remaining focused on the task at hand and what the requirements may be. Treating each situation as its own and not attempting to categorize a problem to a specific solution has proven to be effective in solving employee’s conflict. I firmly believe that by explaining to an employee the reason for a specific process, and why it should be done in a specific manner is ensuring their success. Listening to them and taking their ideas into consideration also gives them a feel of self-empowerment. My concept is that, the employees are the ones that are doing the process everyday therefore they probably may find a new innovative way of doing it. This approach of empowering employees gives them the sense of ownership, forcing them to go above and beyond with little or no supervision. By showing employees that we are all part of a bigger circle working towards the same specific …show more content…

Evaluation of My Leadership Practice
As an Authentic leader my major strengths lies with my ability to pursue purpose with passion, practice solid values, and lead with my heart as well with my head. (George, 2016).
Firstly, by understanding the requirements and the purpose of the leadership role I am in allows me to be very effective in leading. I enjoy my job of building and leading a team of professionals to their maximum ability. Being proficient in this role has allowed me to be very passionate about the manner in which different process are handle, ensuring that all activities are completed as needed. Secondly, I believe that you should stand firm in what you believe is correct. Your basic traits of self-confidence, honesty, intelligence, and appearance represents who you are. By being honest with my employees I have been able to gain their trust. They know that I would never mislead them, ensuring that they complete their roles in the most effective

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