My Letter For A Student

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Aman to Harris came over the walkie-talkie as I entered my office. The moment I began to respond Ms. Aman came back in and told me to report to her office right now. My heart dropped I had no idea what was taking place and a thousand different thoughts ran through my head. Did I make the wrong decision with a student, had I forgotten to contact a parent, or did I miss a meeting? Either way I began to think the worst. When I entered into her office, the 6th grade principal Mr. Daniels and the school resource officer (SRO) were in there. Oh, no this cannot be good. She told me to shut the door and come in quickly. What she showed me afterwards changed my life for the next 2 hours. A student reported to a teacher that a writing in the restroom indicated that the school was going to blow up on Tuesday September 29 at 2:15pm. Well it was Tuesday and we were about 45 minutes of it being 2:15 pm. Ms. Aman indicated that we were taking this seriously since there was the same writing the week before representing the same activity but no date or time. The local high school also had a bomb threat a week before. When incidents like this happen, middle and high school students tend to copycat the situation. Therefore, Ms. Aman wanted to treat this information just as if it was true. At this point, I knew that my life could be in danger, but the experience was very valuable. In addition, to the fact that there were only three out of the five members of the administrative team on campus

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