My Life And Future Goals In Life

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A common statement some might say to someone of my age is: “Anyone under the age of eighteen cannot possibly experience something that will change their perspective on life; they are simply too young.” Regardless of how old someone is, they can still face experiences that could one day shape them as a person. I, personally, have participated in an event that has completely impacted my life to this day, and has helped me discover my future goals in life. This event has made me want to change the world and I believe has made me a better person. In the summer of 2011, I was given what I believed was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Since I was a young girl, I only ever wanted to be around animals, and I dreamt that one day I would be able to be an “animal doctor”, as I once called it. So when my mother told me I would be spending two weeks at the SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Adventure Camp, I was elated. I would be able to work with animals both large and small and be a part of the park’s conservational efforts. Once I was there, the opportunity felt even more like a dream. I and other campers participated in activities like sleeping beside beluga whales, swimming with sharks, and meeting one of the veterinarians at the park. Everything was perfect, it seemed, until the events at the park began to become a bit ‘emotional’ so to speak. After the first few days at SeaWorld Orlando, our camp counselor decided it was time to show us the new additions at the park. She took us
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