My Life Experience Essay

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As I look back on the unforgettable week I had during the Habitat 62 trip, I can honestly say that the trip changed the way I looked at college and West Virginia University overall. My favorite parts of the trip were of course helping others who are less fortunate than myself and the adventures, but mainly the “class” that was held every night. I joined the adventure trip believing I was just going to help build a house and have fun rock climbing, exploring, and white-water rafting. I slowly realized that I would learn so much more. Adventure West Virginia taught me life-long lessons that could help save not only my life one day, but maybe even one of my best friends or a random stranger I had never met before. I believed, like most high school students and people in general around the world, that at West Virginia University I was going to find a party in every direction I looked with many of my own peers drinking alcohol. The perspective view I had before the trip and after were completely opposite. I found out on the trip that I can find parties if I feel the need to, but overall there are plenty of activities to do besides partying and drinking. I originally thought that I was going to struggle heavily to write the amount advised for the journal entries at the end of every day.
On my way home from adventure, I had one of those moments were out of nowhere there is an overwhelming sensation or feeling that you forgot something. I had forgot my journal in the adventure

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