My Life In High School

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Everyone always talks about how high school was so fun and you should have the time of your life, and everyone got along, but I never quite saw it. High school for me was not a time of befriending everyone, finding love, and fun times. To me, it was a confined prison, full of sweaty kids, stupid drama, and overwhelming work to do. I spent the majority of the time trying to find who I belong with, a club I fit in to, people to hang out with, and how not to be such an awkward person all the time. I was under stress constantly, for my parents forced me to focus on nothing but school, and despite me being focused on that, I wanted to try to hang out with friends as much as I could. I had to learn how to balance social life, school life, and my alone time. And what a struggle that was. Freshmen year in high school was a blur now that I look back on it. I knew nobody and nobody knew me. I was in the band, and that was my only form of social interaction. The people who were in my section, the trumpets, would talk to me and if we had classes together, they would sit by me and talk to me. These same people I saw the following year and we talked more, but I still didn’t hang out with anyone outside of school. Junior year, I was also in cross country and band, and I began to socialize more. When people made plans, I hung out with them since I had a car. I helped out my band by doing various tasks, such as setting up and tearing down equipment, as well as assisting my band director

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